Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone of any race, culture, religion, or creed utilize Afrinanny to find caregivers or sign up to be a caregiver?

Absolutely! We know all families need childcare assistance and would love working for families. We are just hyper experienced and specialized with the unique needs of Black children. 

Why was this a necessary platform to create?

The founders were increasingly more frustrated with searching for child care providers for their families that understood their kids unique needs. The need for a virtual village that prioritized the needs of Black kids was evident. 

Does Afrinanny do background checks on nannies and baby sitters?

Yes. We utilize third party vendor( encourage families to also utilize sound judgement, social media searches and prudent behavior to assess the caregiver they decide to choose.

What does a Covid Conscious badge mean on a profile?

This means that both caregiver and family are practicing CDC guidelines on reducing risks of Covid 19. Please visit for more information on prevention of the spread of Covid. We expect families and caregivers to be honest about their health status and follow all safety guidelines. 

What is included in the background checks?

Our third party vendors( sends us the results of all checks.  For care givers it includes basic criminal search, global watchlist search and SSN verification. If parents would like to have the premium background check done on a potential caregiver they are responsible for that fee and can message the admin team in the platform.  The premium background check includes motor vehicle reports, SSN verification, sex offender, global watchlist search, national, federal(last 10 years) and county searches(last 7 years). WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PREMIUM BACKGROUND CHECKS! For the parent it includes basic criminal search, global watchlist search,  and SSN verification.

How long will it take for my profile to be approved as a nanny/sitter?

Upon receiving background check results, it could take up to 72 hours for profiles to be approved. You will be alerted via email once you have been approved. 

Who created the safety exam and why is it necessary?

Our in house team of Family & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners created the exam. They thought it was necessary for the vetting process to ensure caregivers have a basic working knowledge of child care safety.

Who created the cultural assessment exam and why is it necessary?

Our in house mental health experts created the multiple question exam. It was necessary so parents can gan some insight on how a caregiver would respond in a situation that Black children encounter regularly. 

How do you maintain security of the website?

We utilize SSL certification. SSL stands for secure sockets layer that has certain secure protocols developed for sending information securely. If at anytime you feel there is a data breech or security concerns please email

I call the company phone number and cannot get through, how do I contact you?

The best way to reach us is team is in different time zones and sometimes calls get missed. Please feel free to email us anytime!